About Us

Looking back on the history of Taxis United Ltd. 

The year was 1912 and a momentous event occurred in Papakura’s transport history, the very first horseless taxi chugged upon the scene. Owned by Mr Parkinson, the proprietor of the Papakura Hotel, the new Ford Tin Lizzie was an instant success.

Sixty years on from these early pioneering days, Papakura Taxis combined with their neighbours Manurewa Taxis and became United Taxis Ltd (Later changed to Taxis United Ltd). Where there was once two distinct towns with 5 kilometres of farmland separating them, almost surreptitiously there was now a stretch of houses and light industry joining the two townships together. It seemed good sense to amalgamate and it proved a wise decision.

Initially, in 1971 the new company boasted 23 saloon cars, but today the numbers have ballooned to 105 vehicles comprising 20 total mobility hoist vans and the remainder a mix of sedans and taxi vans.The scope of operations has increased markedly with Waiuku, Pukekohe and Tuakau townships being serviced by the company and there are 100+ drivers in the fleet.

Taxis United Ltd was one of the original participants in the Auckland Regional Councils total mobility scheme in the 1980’s and a previous manager of Taxis United Ltd Graham Webb, served on the Total Mobility Advisory Board. Our drivers are fully trained to NZQA standards in transporting total mobility clients and many of the drivers have been involved in the taxi industry for many years.The company has established a reputation of delivering excellent service to Auckland Transport’s total mobility community and continues to invest in vehicles and training to maintain this high standard.